15 Fun Fish Facts for Kids

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15 Fun Fish Facts for Kids


There’s a whole world to discover underwater! Fish can be found in ponds, lakes, streams and oceans – and they are endless fun to learn about. What do you know about fish?

If you’re looking for some great resources about fish for kids, check these out:

1) National Geographic – Fish
2) Everything Fish
3) Fish Crafts for Kids


But if you’re looking for 15 Fun Fish Facts for Kids, look no further than right here:

FUN FISH FACT #1: Fish have been on the earth for more than 450 million years.

FUN FISH FACT #2: Fish were well established long before dinosaurs roamed the earth.

FUN FISH FACT #3: There are over 25,000 identified species of fish on the earth.

FUN FISH FACT #4: It is estimated that there may still be over 15,000 fish species that have not yet been identified.

FUN FISH FACT #5: There are more species of fish than all the species of amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals combined.

FUN FISH FACT #6: 40% of all fish species inhabit fresh water, yet less than .01% of the earth’s water is fresh water.

FUN FISH FACT #7: The spotted climbing perch is able to absorb oxygen from the air and will crawl overland using its strong pectoral fins.

FUN FISH FACT #8: Some fish, like sharks, don’t possess an air bladder to help keep them afloat and must either swim continually or rest on the bottom.

FUN FISH FACT #9: Some fish make sounds by grating their teeth and others, like some catfish, make sounds from their air filled swim bladder.

FUN FISH FACT #10: Some species of fish can fly (glide), while others can skip along the surface and others can even climb rock.

FUN FISH FACT #11: Fish have a specialized sense organ called the lateral line which works much like radar and helps them navigate in dark or murky water.

FUN FISH FACT #12: The largest fish is the great whale shark which can reach fifty feet in length.

FUN FISH FACT #13: The smallest fish is the Philippine goby that is less than 1/3 of an inch when fully grown.

FUN FISH FACT #14: Tropical fish are one of the most popular pets in the U.S.

FUN FISH FACT #15: I once caught a fish thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis big! (just kidding)

Do you know any fish facts that we missed? Write in the comment box below with your fun fish fact!

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    • Dgrghttu6ud

      fish are color blind

      • Hope

        R they

      • YOMOM


    • Nice facts. We have compiled some facts together too, for an infographic. Would love to get some feedback from it?

    • Logjnjn

      fis are awesome

    • Soccerrules15

      Fish can come in all shapes and sizes!

    • crazycrazycrazygirl

      not all things in the water that swim are fish  

    • Barabu

      fish’s eyes don’t close

      • rude_girl221;)

        thought they blinked though? they close their eyes then???? :s 

    • Oneway14

      Swordfish’s body averages 7 feet, but they could get up to 15 feet!

      • Chinamecortes

        thats cool

      • swag dog


    • Leah gregg

      A baby fish is called a fry

    • laurenshithead


    • J-pen

      you suck

    • Natattack2000

      Fish are not colorblind

    • Mark1rankin

      haha lol;)

    • umbreon357

      parrot fish make sleeping bag like thing out of snot

    • Kylie Bath

      and the parrot fish also suck sleeping bag thing back in when they are done with it

    • Kami Kewrl

      Fish are known to stalk other fish. One fish called a “Pike” hides in logs to stalk the fish! 


    • Great list of facts.

    • losers


    • u STINK

      ur GEEKS!

    • Nikofaiva

      hi me niko i was just saying that you have missed somthing. it is the biggest fish in the world is a whale shark 

      • Sally

        no its not? the great white is. go to school and learn maybe…

        • Flyers>Penguins

          no idiot the whale shark is how about you go to school and learn……

    • danielle price

      I really like the facts you put on this website

    • danielle price

      I think you should put a lot of pictures of fish that you talk about

    • Ssfgh

      a shark is also a fish

    • Ghhjhj

      a shark is not a fish

      • rude_girl221;)

        a shark is a fish actually, learn some science lessons to make you smart 🙂 

      • you are rong

        yes they are you jerk

    • Johnatha


    • Kelsey Sparrow


    • Thopki7

      These were great facts

    • commentataor-go boyz go!!!!!:P

      i think you should put like the smallest and biggest fish records???!!! so it would be interesting;)

    • Eileen830


    • Sineadpaige

      fish dont sleep

    • Eileen830

      i hate fish

    • Sineadpaige


    • Eileen830

      stop asking questions ?

    • Jane

      pethetic info seriously…..

      • Anna

        ur pethetic bitch

    • Sophie

      loch ness monster isnt aa fish its a dinosoaaure

    • Sophie

      loch ness monster livesss in loch ness lake in scotland sorry im talking about dinosaurs i know a lot about dinosaurssssss

    • Sophie

      ill tell you 2 facts about fish if aa star fish loses a arm itll grow anotther 1. flying fish ddont fly they glyed

    • Sak


    • Wer

      IS THIS A VIRUS?????!!!!! (!@#$%^&*()!@#$%^&*()_

    • Shirley Lovell

      I learnt a lot from that thank you

    • C Cilambarasan

      shark almost never get cancer because antibiotic agent called squalamine

    • princess

      best website i have been to

    • Ride

      Fish have gills that extract oxygen from the water around them

      • swag dog

        you must study

    • Xiuqikoh

      really good website!

    • Ashben

      this helped a lot on my project thanks

    • Jadaisharivwers

      fishes breath water

    • FishBloke

      The smallest fish isn’t the Goby any more http://www.nhm.ac.uk/about-us/news/2006/jan/news_7501.html

    • Phoebeabigailjones

      this has helped with my science homework thanx

    • fishes

      over 1000 fish species are threatened by extinction xxx

    • Bonolo Keebine

      what is a invisible fish called

    • Fsd

      450 million years yeah right earth has only been hear for like 4,000-7,000 years  
      thats wat the Bible says acording to peoples ages

    • Sameer Khan

      Whale shark is the largest fish

    • Nahom Haile


    • Smart

      Fish are highly intelligent, in many cases especially in memory their skills match or surpass none human primates. If you don’t believe me than check out the newest articles about fish intelligence. Also fish feel pain. 

    • Chinamecortes

      fish are classifide in 3 groups bony , jawless and cartilagenous

    • swag dog

      fish are boss

    • swag dog


      • swag dog

        you are cool

    • swag dog

      i like beats

    • Abeers

      some types of sea fish do not have jaw bones

    • renfua

      it is interesting. I love it.It is cool.it is nice .it is fantastic.

    • Goysct


    • Mad


    • namiqa

      a jelly fish isn’t really a fish

    • jdog

      Catfish have 27,000 taste buds and a humans taste buds is 7,000

    • bob

      thar is a fish that is this long—————————————————————————————————————————————————

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